“Civilization as it is known today could not have evolved, nor can it survive, without an adequate food supply.”Norman Borlaug (Agricultural Scientist, Nobel Peace Laureatte 1970)

The story of


GOGOPASAR is the new norm in the online grocery shopping experience. It comprises of an eCommerce platform with a complete door to door delivery, using Gogopreneurs as our marketing partner, as part of a social entrepreneurship initiative.

Our fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, chicken, meat produces, and other types of FMCG food products to the end-users at an economical price.

The concept of Gogopasar is to curate a smart solution for the food supply chain in order to guarantee a lower price’s offering while ensuring the quality of the products maintained for the community.


Solutions for Businesses
Unlimited order of supplies ready for your business at competitive prices.Custom order to suit your ready business – F&Bs, Catering, Online Food Operators, Corporate Events or Private functions.
You’ll never have to worry about getting the best price on the market – and the best quality too. Gogopasar is dedicated to provide you with the best competitive price at the best available quality.
Get your supplies from Gogopasar for Businesses – Your Trusted Supplier